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ShapeWrap III is Measurand’s newest motion capture system. Get great data without spandex!

No special suit needed to use it, fits everyone. Ideal for school applications!

Captures, in real-time, vertical translation like stairs or ladder climbing.

Durable, portable, wireless

All sensors are made and supported by Measurand (no third-party support).

Large Capture area - up to 200 square meters (2100 square feet)

Outputs both C3D and BVH data

The basic motion capture system includes wrist flexion/extension and hand opening/closing. If you would like to capture full wrist and finger motion ask us about ShapeWrap III Plus!

Here is what comes with ShapeWrap III :

Free MotionBuilder real time plug-in (Plugin for MotionBuilder2009 now available)
Free Network Programming Solutions
Free API
Free support – no need to visit forums to answer your questions. Our support covers everything from hardware right up to importing the data into game engines.
Free software upgrades
Free Curriculum materials for schools (valued at $2500)
Free Plugin for Quest3D, Virtools, and MotionBuilder 2009
ShapeWrap III works with:
        MOCAP (real-time)
        MotionBuilder (real-time)
        ShapeRecorder (real-time)
        3D Studio Max and Character Studio

motion capture kick

Questions? Contact

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